Outlast® - How it works

    Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® materials will keep you more
    comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you
    create it and releasing it when you need it most.

    Infrared Imaging

    Infrared pictures can clearly demonstrate how Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® materials work. Due to basic
    physical laws, all bodies (humans, plants, objects) release energy in terms of thermal radiation. The higher
    the object's temperature is, the more intensive the infrared radiation released.  

    A test was done with a pair of gloves. One glove was equipped with and the other one without Outlast®
    material. Each gloved hand was then laid on an ice block for five minutes. The test illustrates how  
    temperature changes can be reduced remarkably with Outlast® products.

    Sources/copyright all pictures: Outlast Europe

    Normal tempered hand                    Picture Cooled hand                          Hand with balanced temperature
    (before the test)                                  (glove without Outlast®)                    (protected with the Outlast®)

                                                                              The origins of Outlast® technology go back to 1988      
                                                                              when NASA implemented a program with private
                                                                              industry to develop thermally adaptive phase-change
                                                                              materials that could be applied to astronauts’ suits and
                                                                              gloves. Through this program, the original Outlast®
                                                                              technology was developed to provide better protection
                                                                              against the bitter cold and scorching heat encountered
                                                                              in space.

    Won't Wash Out
    Our Outlast socks are manufactured with Outlast acrylic fiber.  These fibers are spun with the Outlast
    technology, thus keeping it in the sock for the life of the garment.

    Outlast acrylic fibre under the microscope:

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