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    How Socks Are Made
The first "automated" circular knitters were hand cranked.  The picture shown
below (left and middle) is an antique sock machine made by Legare in the early
1900's.  Other noted machines were made by Gearhart, Master Machine and
Franz & Pope.  Some of these machines were attached to a tripod and some were
clamped to a table.  The knitter was then hand cranked however many revolutions
needed to make the correct length sock.  
Sock machines have evolved quite a bit since the hand cranked machines.  
This is an example of one of our knitting machines made by Our
state-of-the-art equipment allows us to design socks to precise
specifications.   We use several Ange models, allowing different
configurations for the production of sport and casual socks.  Sock designs
are configured using special computer software, saved to a memory card and
transferred to the machine for automation.
Our socks are then seamed with a toe-closing machine before they are moved to finishing.  While being
finished, the socks are washed, some are bleached, some are dyed, some receive an anti-microbial bath,
etc.  The socks are then stretched on flat sock forms (various sizes) and sent through a boarding logo or a
gripper foot to meet the sock specifications, these items are applied.  Finally, the socks are paired and
packaged as per the customer's request before shipping: banded, tacked, poly-bagged, etc.