Dri-Release is the new standard in high performance fabrics...maximum comfort and maximum

    Comfortable, Dry, and Odor Free       
    Dri-Release is a unique fabric that feels like cotton and keeps wearers comfortable, dry, and odor free.  
    Made from a patented micro blend yarn comprised of a special polyester with a trace of cotton, Dri-
    Release combines the best qualities of both -- it wicks moisture away from the skin and it's soft to the
    touch.  A Freshguard treatment embedded in the fiber virtually eliminates odor.

    Comfort that Won't Wash Out
    Unlike topically finished performance fabrics that lose their ability to wick away moisture with each
    washing, Dri-Release's comfort qualities are permanent.  They're built right into the fiber itself so
    clothing made with Dri-Release always feels soft, always stays dry.

    The Competitive Edge
    In road races, triathlons, and multiple consumer tests, Dri-Release beats cotton and the leading
    performance fabrics for comfort when wet or dry.  

    Dri-Release dries 4 times faster than cotton...

    Cellulosic fibers like cotton and rayon feel great against the skin when dry.  Cellulosic fibers are long
    chains of hydroxyls (OHs).  The (OHs) are amazing at forming hydrogen bonds with the OHs in water.  
    By bonding with the perspiration, cotton fibers easily absorb moisture away from the skin.  
    Unfortunately, cotton-rich  fabrics have too many OHs, therefore they absorb and hold too much
    moisture.  As a result, there is a breakdown in the moisture transport:  the fabric becomes saturated
    and the microclimate between the skin and fabric becomes hot and sweaty.

    Dri-Release Microblend moves moisture quickly from the skin through the fabric and into the air.  
    Dri-Release's patented moisture-transport system utilizes the best qualities of cotton and polyester to
    pull moisture off the body and disperse it.  The small amount of cotton in the fiber has just enough OHs
    to draw perspiration from the skin into the fabric.  The co-polymer polyester in the fiber repels the
    moisture, forcing it through to the surface of the garment.  This outer layer of moisture evaporates
    quickly as airflow moves across the fabric.

    Dri-Release ® is a registered trademark of Optimer, Inc..  And, it is a patented high-performance fabric...U.S. Patent #
Freshguard™ virtually eliminates garment odor by
neutralizing the body odor.
Conventional fabric forms a body odor…
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